Prenant Elephant Seal - Looking for a place to give birth, she vocalizes while approaching a small group of males on the shore at the boat house
Prenant Elephant Seal
DD & Don shooting a male elephant seal - Hauled out on the boat launching ramp, this young male elephant seal is waiting for his chance to mate
DD & Don shooting a male elephant seal
Elephant Seal Challenge - Male elephant seals challenge each other for beach territories and females
Elephant Seal Challenge
Visitors on Coastal Trail - A trail above the boathouse provides visitors with views of elephant seals and the outer coast of Point Reyes
Visitors on Coastal Trail
Drake's Beach Master - Large male elephant seals are 12-14 feet long and weigh up to 5,500 lbs
Drake's Beach Master
Tule Elk Bull & Cow - Part of the Point Reyes, California herd
Tule Elk Bull & Cow
2011_04_02_PORE-4026658 - GE Davis
Point Reyes Coastline - GE Davis
Point Reyes Coastline